What Is The Average Weight Loss On Ketogenic Diet?

Unlike other types of diets, the main goal of the ketogenic diet is to get more proteins & fats in the body and reduce the intake of sugar to the minimum. When you are on a ketogenic diet, the body comes into a state where it uses all the sugar stored in the body to produce enough energy, and then begins to use the proteins and fats for the same purpose. This state is called ketosis and it helps us lose weight very fast.

Yes, you read that right. Would you like to know what is the average weight loss on keto diet? Continue reading this article and you will find out.

The keto diet Tremendously helps in weight loss

The ketogenic diet is mostly based on high fat & a medium protein & a low carb intake which prevents you from feeling hungry all the time. It still allows you to intake all the necessary nutrients that the body needs. But it helps lose weight in a speedy way.

Compared to other types of diets this might be the most efficient and fastest diets. In the beginning, you won't see any results for about a week. But this should not discourage you because the body is trying to get into a state of ketosis which takes some time. Then after the first week, you will start to lose a lot of weight even up to 15 pounds a week, which is incredible because no other diet can give you such results.

What is the average weekly weight loss on keto? What to expect?

The ketonic diet is great because it helps you lose weight very fast, but in a healthy way and protects your organs from getting damaged. With the ketogenic diet, you will notice a significant improvement in your health and you will achieve the results much faster.

When it comes to the average weight loss per week on ketonic diet, you should note that everybody and every organism is different and they will lose a different amount of excess weight even though they use the same diet. Also, the results may vary in different situations.

Just like it was mentioned above, you might not notice a significant weight loss at the beginning, but you will definitely start noticing after a few weeks. Normally, the average weight loss on the ketonic diet is somewhere between 10 – 15 pounds a week. This is still a drastic change in the body and please do note that even if you do not reach this number do not get disappointed and continue with the diet.  


Before you start with any diet, it is important to talk to your family doctor and ask them about potential negative consequences. They need to advise you on what is best for your health. Note that it will be hard at first, but once you develop a habit you will feel motivated with every pound you lose. 

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