Top Ketone Blood Meter Reviews

Have you ever had a challenge in choosing the best blood ketone meter to buy in 2018? You are at the right place. This article investigates on the top 5 picks of blood ketone test meters on the market right now.

Carrying a test of your glucose and ketones is not must to succeed on your ketosis diet. However, it portrays a good indication of your status as far as your ketogenic diet is concerned.

The success of any diabetes management platform is based on the accuracy of blood sugar levels. You can quickly achieve this with no hassle by the use of blood glucose monitors. Currently, these devices come in small sizes. They have many features that make them perform faster than ever before.

Coming up with the best blood glucose and ketone meter require some unique methodology of choice. The following are 8 main areas to put into consideration.

8 Factors before Buying Blood Ketone Testing Kits

Some factors have to be narrowed down when budgeting for the this kind of product. Much of it coils around the issue of preference. Here are some significant areas of consideration


The figures obtained from your blood ketone meter are very important. This can also help you determine the amount of sugar required to balance a low reading in the case of hypoglycemia. Blood ketone test meters are devices intended for medical purposes. In the real sense, their reviews are done by the federal government to safeguard accuracy as the FDA manages them. 

Testing Methods

There is always a variation in different meters basing on the quantity of blood required for exact results.  In this case, several kits have claimed their test strips need for low levels of blood testing. The minimal quantity required for those who conduct frequent tests prove better.


Every meter is designed with test strips and code on each vial of strips. You are required to do the matching of the strip code to the meter code before doing the test. As simple as it is, this process might disappoint. Although there is no coding requirement on some current meters, others detect the code on the strip automatically and adjust appropriately.


Ketone blood meters come in different sizes. Some are small in size to fit in the pockets while others are large and oval in size. You can be able to pick the right size considering that they have to be packed in small chases that give an allowance to keep test strips and your lancing device conveniently. 

Storing Results

Trends and patterns are significant for the management of diabetes. Medical practitioners can give an appropriate prescription on knowledge of diet, the effect of exercise, and time of the day. By knowing this, they can set right requirements for insulin quantities. On making choices, check and see if the meter can store your BG readings, date and the time of the day. These readings can help physicians to plan for the treatment easily.


Current meters can connect via Bluetooth. This feature enhances sharing of BG readings between the user and the mobile application. In a further extension, your physician can be able to access the same information on the mobile app through private and secure sharing.

Meter Cost

Ketone meters vary in prices. The cheapest can be acquired from as low as $10 to over $100. Some meters give an alert to check ketones with high readings. This can happen with readings over 200 mg/dl. The most important attributes of a meter include the ease of use and the accuracy

Test Strips Cost

Although meters can be low priced, strips aren’t. Nonetheless, a large part of the cost of test strips is covered by most insurance companies. Most diabetes run out of strips and decide to buy strips for the backup meter. There is a possibility of the cost to increase over time. 

Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Meter

From the research done this year, Precision Xtra peaked #1 on the lists of “the Best Blood Ketone Meters to buy in 2018”. This meter uses a small prick of blood to provide the most consistent and reliable results. Its usage plus the process of navigation is simple. Instead of buying common glucose monitors that are built poorly, shop for the Precision Xtra Ketone meter instead. 

Durability is seen in the medical-grade plastic in its design. There is ease of phlebotomy by the lancing device of the meter. Its 450-test memory records both time and date. The handy battery powered design has a high-speed 5-seconds test system that requires as little as 0.6ml of blood.


  • Easy to use buttons
  • Inbuilt memory (450 tests)
  • Large and clear display
  • Free lancing device
  • Tests sugar and ketone levels
  • Uses 0.6ml of blood
  • Accurate and consistent readings


  • Dated look
  • Pricey test strips
  • No insurance on test strips

AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Ketone Meter 

This second version of AlphaTRAK family of blood ketone test meters completes every list of the top 10 best glucose monitors. It has two buttons that make it easy to operate, a plastic casing that is long-lasting with an attractive pink theme that entices buyers. The lancers and strips are found in most stores.

This meter provides ease in storage, transportation, and organization by the design of its carrying case. The device is appropriate for a pet with diabetes infection. You can monitor the blood glucose of your pet from the comfort of your home. Its two-button design also enhances its reputation in stores.

The lancing device provided is simple with ease of usage. In any place you might be hoping for a testing session, you can easily load it. This meter draws blood with no pain and safely dispenses used Lancets.


  • Free carrying case
  • Efficient lancing device
  • Convenient two-button design
  • Affordable consumable


  • Expensive
  • Designed for cats and dogs.

Active1st TrueMetrix Glucose Monitoring Kit

An order placed for the Active1st True Metrix blood glucose monitor includes a TrueResult glucometer, manual logbook, 100 test lancers and test strips, and the lancing device. This meter is fast and provides accurate results. It has high consistency with readily available consumables.

It’s priced decently, comes with codes and is easy to operate. The TrueResult glucometer unit gives fast and accurate results. It’s long-lasting, easy to load with a wide screen that shows large characters for easy reading. With each package, you have all the consumables required to measure the blood glucose.

Besides the lancing device and the glucometer that I have mentioned, you have access to free 100 Lancets and test strips. Also, you receive a manual logbook for easy monitoring of progress at home. Actve1st TrueTest is low priced and comes ready for use.


  • Non-coding system
  • 100 Lancets and test strips
  • Free lancing device
  • Large display
  • Fast and accurate results


  • No strips included
  • Expensive strips

Contour Next Diabetes Testing Kit 

Are you testing blood sugar for the first time? This is the right ketone blood sugar meter for you. Contour Next Diabetes Testing Kit is a product that you can set up with no hassle and begin using it. It is simple and guarantees correct and reliable results in a time span of 5 seconds. It has a plastic body with no coding concept, thus no manual mechanism.

The unit consumes limited quantities of blood which reduces irritation. The test strips are low priced, and the lancing tool provided eases phlebotomy. You are offered with 100 lancets, 100 Bayer contour test strips and the same quantity of alcohol preps on every original kit you purchase. It has a large screen that is bright for easy reading hence its accuracy appeals to most users. 


  • Free lancing device
  • Free consumables
  • 0.6ml of blood
  • Non-coding system
  • Durable plastic case
  • Large and bright screen
  • Portable


  • Cumbersome Lancets holder
  • Not easily insured.
  • Easy to break apart

iHealth Wireless Blood Ketone Meter

Unique in its performance, this blood glucometer has Bluetooth capability and can be carried along with ease. The Bluetooth feature enhances automatic synchronizing of results from blood glucose tests to the iOS or Android gadget of the user.

The device is light and operates alongside the iGluco application on the iOS tool to determine and keep the readings in the secure storage of their iHealth Cloud. Finally, tracking of the measurements can be done and results shared with healthcare providers.

The unit is offered with fifty test strips. Users can track patterns and program reminders through the app for Android, iPad, and iPod touch and iPhone devices. The users fix reminders to take treatment and the expiry dates of the track test strips without coding.


  • It’s affordable and so are the strips
  • Gluco-Smart app is straight-forward
  • Sleek, tiny, and compact
  • Gives blood sugar averages
  • Self-monitoring of blood sugar level


  • Not easy to get insurance
  • Limited to iHealth test strips
  • Limited to Single patient use


Truly, simpler is normally better not only for the kids and the elderly but for any person with diabetes using a blood ketone testing kits. Best ketone blood meters make the essential process of testing blood perfect and are truly safe in testing your blood glucose levels.


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