Top 3 Books For Keto Diet Reviewed

Maintaining a solid ketogenic diet can often be a real challenge. The only way for your body to reach ketosis is by following the rules of your diet to the maximum. Every gram of macronutrients needs to be counted properly before you consume it. This is why it’s important to have a proper medium to guide you through your diet.

Purchasing a ketogenic diet book is a fantastic idea and we are here to help you pick the right one. Amazon has some great choices; however, we also added some of our favorites. Keep reading to see which books can be considered "the best ketogenic diet book".


If you are serious about reaching ketosis, then you need to do proper research and get a ketogenic diet book that will help you reach your goal. You can find a lot of them on the internet, and this article will feature 3 fantastic options of which one is completely free!

“Bacon and Butter Ketogenic Diet”

First, we have a book that is considered by many to be the ultimate guide for a ketogenic diet. You would be excited to learn that Bacon & Butter is the best-selling ketogenic diet book out there at the moment. It holds 148 unique and amazing ketogenic recipes ranging from smoothies and snacks to lunches and dinners.

To make it easier for the customers, the recipes are separated into several categories. This is especially great for the dinner meals which are nicely divided depending on the meat that is used as the main ingredient. Here are the categories and the number of recipes that each category has.

1. Smoothie Recipes

The book features some fantastic recipes for shakes and smoothies. Coconut berry smoothie, green tea smoothie, double chocolate shake, strawberries and cream shake are just some of the 14 unique recipes listed in this category.

2. Snack Recipes

Ketogenic snacks are just as important as the keto meals you prepare during the day. This is because a lot of people tend to eat unhealthy snacks in the afternoons, ruining their diet. However, this book holds 20 keto snacks, including bacon guacamole and bacon-wrapped mozzarella sticks.

3. Chicken Recipes

20 of the best-tasting chicken meals are listed in this book. Some of them are cilantro chill chicken skewers, Buffalo wings, chicken piccata and much more. You will be satisfied with each, no matter what kind of tastes you prefer.

4. Beef, Pork and Lamb Recipes

There are 20 recipes in this category as well. You will be able to learn how to prepare bacon-wrapped pork loin, grilled hanger steak, beef brisket and many others. These are the most important recipes and should be studied carefully.

5. Dessert Recipes

Dessert is just as important as the meals in the ketogenic diet. Bacon & Butter features 12 delicious after-dinner treats. There is nothing better than finishing the perfect meal with desserts like coconut lemon fat bombs, lemon cheesecake bars, chocolate brownies and a few others.

On top of that, the book boasts 15 sneaky recipes which are the most interesting ones. You were thinking that you won’t be able to eat pizza or mac and cheese? Well guess again - you are wrong!

In this book, you will be able to see recipes for cauliflower pizza, zucchini lasagna, cheesy taco shells and others. Basically, you will be able to prepare all your favorite dishes while still keeping to the rules of your keto diet.

Last but not least, it’s important to remind you that this book is absolutely free. The only costs you will have to cover are the shipping costs. So, don’t waste your time searching for recipes online and get this amazing book as soon as possible.

“The Ketosis Cookbook”

Considered to be one of the best diet books on ketosis, this cookbook features more than 370, easy to prepare recipes that help you massively in your quest to reach the state of nutritional ketosis.

The main point of the book is aimed at weight loss. However, these recipes will also help your mental sharpness and give you a positive attitude.

Let’s discuss what’s inside this fabulous diet book. As we mentioned above, there are more than 370 recipes divided into 16 categories. All of these recipes have a ketogenic background and are approved by a certified nutritionist. Among them, you will learn how to prepare cheeseburger fajitas, strawberry spinach salad, chocolate-walnut brownies, buffalo chicken stuffed mushrooms and much more. This cookbook basically has recipes for just about any ketogenic meal out there.

Breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners, desserts and even some cheat meals that comply with the rules of ketosis. All of those are included in “The Ketosis Cookbook” and you won’t be disappointed by a single recipe.

On top of that, there are several bonuses that come together with the book, depending on when you order it. You can get additional books from the same authors. For instance, you can get the book called “The ultimate guide to the ketogenic diet” where you will find an abundance of information about ketosis, losing weight and having more energy in general.

The second bonus could be the “12-week meal plan” that consists of 90 days of previously prepared breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. The third bonus is a book called “Keto slow cook meals” which consists of 30 extra ketogenic recipes. Last but not least, the fourth bonus is a cookbook that is called “Keto Desserts”. As the name suggests it’s a book that features desserts and it has 40 of them.

Amazingly enough, if you get this product while on a promotion you are able to get “The Ketosis Cookbook” plus all 4 bonus books for less than 50$ which is quite the bargain. According to a dozen customers, this product is one of the best there is. Most of them agree that this cookbook has all the information you need about ketosis, coupled with almost 400 keto related recipes.

If you are looking for a single product that will solve all your needs when it comes to a ketogenic diet, then this book will be the perfect choice for you. Try to get it while a promotion is running so you can get the whole package for a very low price.

“Ketogenic Diet for Beginners”

The last item of this article is a ketogenic diet book that can be found on Amazon and it’s definitely among the favorites. As the name suggests, it will help you get acquainted with ketosis while giving you a whole ketogenic diet plan. The book claims that by following everything in it, weight loss is guaranteed.

In short, here are the details of the whole diet book:

  • A detailed explanation of the ketogenic diet
  • All the principles of ketosis
  • The foods you are allowed to eat while on a keto diet
  • The foods you should avoid while on a keto diet
  • Meal plans
  • The advantages offered by a ketogenic diet
  • The motivation for making a change
  • Success tips

On top of this, the book also has a 4-week meal plan which is perfect for beginners. Also, there is a bonus chapter that holds some of the best recipes for the ketogenic diet. Even though this diet book is aimed at beginners, anyone interested in a ketogenic diet can get maximum use out of it.

Customer reviews are filled with positive words about this book. They say it’s easy to follow, holds valuable information about ketosis and has a great diet plan that can help anyone. Instead of wasting hours online, googling this information, you can get it right there in the form of a book.

It’s also important to note that Amazon gives you the option to purchase this book as a kindle version and it’s much cheaper that way. Keep in mind that this is a diet book, specifically designed for people who want to venture into the challenging world of ketosis. It will help you lose weight and prepare meals that are in accordance with any keto diet.

All in all, “The Ketogenic Diet for Beginners” is a solid diet book and anyone who is interested in ketosis should have a look at it.


Managing a ketogenic diet can be very difficult if you are not prepared with all the necessary information beforehand. Of course, you can find everything on the internet. However, it can take hours and even days to separate the vital information from the less important one.

Because of that, it’s much better if you purchase a diet book that will have all the information about ketosis, plus hundreds of meal recipes that will help you with your diet. This is why we included 3 diet books which can all be considered as the best ketogenic diet book. One of them is even free, and you will only need to pay for the shipping.

For that reason, if you are seriously interested in starting and maintaining a ketogenic diet, each one of the books listed above will help you achieve that goal. Don’t waste a lot of time googling for unnecessary information when you can get everything you will ever need in just a single book.


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