Top Ketone Breath Meter Reviews

Everyone on ketogenic diet needs a ketone breath analyzer so as to monitor the state of ketosis in their body system. Of course, it will amount to a blind trip to put yourself on fat-burning, weight-losing diet and fail to monitor its progress.

Is ketone breath analyzer meant for those on keto diet alone? The answer is NO! So, you also need it and in this very piece, I will provide reasons you must always monitor how fats behave in your body. 

Come to think of it, you consume all kinds of fat-enriching food due to your busy schedule and the body does not get too much glucose. So, if you leave monitoring fats, you might soon become obese. Thus, there is need to adopt a nutritional ketogenic diet and most importantly, always monitor the progress of the diet in your body so as to always stay fit.

5 Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Breath Ketone Analyzer

Before placing your hard-earned money on a ketosis breath analyzer, there are some important factors you need to put into consideration so that you do not regret at the end of the day. 

There are many brands outside there and you can just be tricked into buying one that won’t serve your purpose. Thus, I’ve decided to enlighten you on how to find the best ketone breath analyzers in the market. Follow suit!

Your financial power

Although a breath ketosis analyzer is better than its blood counterpart, but you shouldn’t go outside of your budget to make any purchase. There are different prices for each analyzer and the highest price does not translate to the best breath meter. Before setting out to buy this breath instrument, be sure of your budget and never go bankrupt because of this; the thought of debt kills faster than measuring the amount of ketosis in your body. 

Durability of the analyzer

Don’t just step into the mall and come out with just any kind of breath analyzer. One of the most frustrating things in life is spending your money on the same item countless times when your neighbor still enjoys theirs. Go for a durable, sturdy breath monitor that will serve you for as long as you want.

One of the most potent ways to determine durability is to check the materials used in making it. If the breath analyzer is made with good quality materials, your mind is at rest. Also, consider if it allows reuse. 


What is the essence of buying an breath analyzer that will not give an accurate result? The unfortunate news is that, there are so many of such products in the market; they give varied results of tests and leave you in a confused state.

However, when you buy the right ketone breath analyzer, you can always be sure of the accuracy of the result. You can also find out from friends and loved ones, if the brand of the analyzer they bought fluctuates with the results. Their experience will also serve as a guide. 


My philosophy about life is that every penny spent should positively ease my ways of doing things. However, there are some ketone breath analyzers that can just prove the opposite. There are products that give you the accurate result, but they require testing your urine and blood.

This is far too inconvenient. Always go for one that does not require blood draws or urine samples; it saves you from unnecessary stress and helps in managing your precious time.

Does it give a specific analysis?

There are some breath analyzers that perform the ‘magic’ of telling you how each food works in your body and how the various exercises you undertake to contribute to the state of ketosis. Having this kind of product is simply the best for you; you keep track of the activities of every food and can always do away with those not producing the desired result. 

Best Ketone Breath Analyzers To Buy in 2018

House of Keto Monitor

If you want to get an accurate measure of breath ketones during a fat burning process (nutritional ketosis), then one of our top device to turn to is the House of Keto Monitor. Not only does this product gives you accurate results, but it is also quick, convenient and affordable.

Unlike other devices that will require your urine or blood sample to carry out the test, which could be messy and annoying at times, this House of Keto Monitor is done just a single breath from you. And it takes just about 20 sec to get your result. 

I have come across some nice keto breath machines in the past but having something like this one is super amazing. It doesn’t require any special skill to operate it and its mode of operation is fascinating. Other features of this analyzer include lightweight, small, non-invasive, re-usable, and portable. You can take with you wherever you go.

So if you are keen on monitoring your fat burning process, having this kit will be a great idea.



  • It is easy to use
  • Re-usable
  • Mode of operation is simple and accurate
  • One of the cheapest you can get
  • Portable



  • Accuracy level is not 100% (but close to it)

LEVL Breath Ketone Device Starter Kit

This is yet another amazing weight loss breath monitor that is available on the marketplace. Just like the House of Keto Monitor, LEVL ketone device is simple to use and gives an accurate reading, but setting up may be somewhat complicated. Also, when compared to House of Keto Monitor, it is more expensive but its functions can never be ignored.

This device works by analyzing your breath and coming out with your fat burning result that shows you if you are on the right track. Most customers love this product because it can be integrated with your smartphone to give you an exciting experience.

When using the LEVL ketone breath monitor device, it is essential that you know that eating habit can alter result and give false readings. Certain foods such as mint and alcohol can lead to high measurements.



  • It is fast and offers accurate results
  • It is FDA certified
  • Amazing smartphone integration
  • It has multiple-user support



  • Only suitable for people with nutritional ketosis
  • It is quite expensive
  • You can easily skew the result if you indulge in certain foods
  • You need to setup before use.

Ketonix Breath Ketone Analyzer

This ketosis breath analyzer is reputed for its ease to use. This is the ideal monitor for those who are passionate about their state of ketosis. It is very portable and can always be carried along. This breath analyzer comes in two forms—sports and regular ketone meter. This monitor does not require a blood glucose test or test strip for analysis. 

This product offers a modern, innovative, convenient way of measuring breath ketones. With this monitor, you can test yourself on multiple times; you may decide to make it an hourly affair so as to keep yourself abreast of the workings of the diet in your body system. 

The Ketonix is very ideal for monitoring the functionality of each food in the body. It gives the accurate and reliable analysis of the performance of each food and how they affect ketosis in your body. It can also be used in measuring the effects of exercise the level of ketone. 


  • Doesn’t require blood and urine samples 
  • Consistent with the accurate result
  • Very portable and fast
  • It is very convenient 
  • Can be used on multiple bases
  • It is adjustable


  • The design is not very attractive. 

Reusable Breath Ketone Level Analyzer

For those who care about price and quality, this reusable breath ketosis meter is your best companion. It is reputed for its durability and sturdiness. This Ketonix product requires about 40 minutes for starting up the software.

This is undoubtedly the best choice for those on ketogenic diets and on regular exercise. It measures the acetone levels in a very comforting way. More so, it is professionally designed to work without batteries. A reason this breath monitor has been favored among peers is due to its reusability. It can be reused for more than a thousand times and will still be effective and efficient as when first purchased. 

Further, it is designed in a demand-driven manner whereby the user does not feel any pains during usage. It saves you from the monthly purchase of strips known with the blood monitors.


  • Can be reused for multiple times
  • It is pain-free
  • Does not require strips
  • It is portable
  • Does not require a battery to function


  • Slow; requires 40 minutes for starting 
  • Needs a power source to function


If you’ve been longing for the best ketone breath analyzer, this short but informative piece has definitely bailed you out. Our views are holistic and primarily meant to serve as a guard for you. Don’t ever put anything above your health; you deserve the best.


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