Why Am I Gaining Weight On Keto Diet

Can you gain weight on keto diet?

If you are gaining weight on keto, it means that you are doing something wrong. You are making a mistake, but you are not sure what kind of mistake. We will help you figure it out. Just keep reading. 

How to keep track of the keto diet?

To keep track of the keto diet, you need to limit the daily intake of carbohydrates to about 20-30g of net carbohydrates (net carbohydrates are the difference between total carbohydrate intake and total fiber intake). 

This simple rule should be followed by everyone who is on a diet. If not, even just one gram of net carbohydrates will break the process and get you out of the state of ketosis. And then, you will get an adverse effect and start gaining weight instead of losing. 

Carbohydrates that we get from food are converted to glucose when they enter into the body. Carbs in the form of glucose are then used to provide energy for the whole body. You’ve probably heard of this many time. 

What is the main reason of sudden weight gain on keto?

One of the reasons why you are gaining weight on keto diet is because you are consuming sugar or carbs much more than you are allowed. Let’s say that you are 100% positive that you are not entering sugar into your body, but you still gain weight instead of losing it. Ask yourself the question – Do I read labels before buying food from the store? Probably not.

There are many “healthy” foods that can be found in almost every store that contain sugar even though we think they don’t. The problem is that the sugar is written under a different name – fructose, sucrose, galactose… Does this sound familiar? 

How to maintain the state of ketosis in the body?

In order to achieve and maintain the state of ketosis in the body, it is advisable to bring the carbs intake to zero or to the amount mentioned above. Most types of foods you enter should be rich in proteins and fats

The best thing about this diet is that it has a very positive effect on the sense of satiety making your hunger satisfied. This will then help you eliminate the excess weight even faster. There are many studies that proved the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet. It is 2 times more effective than every other diet because of how quickly you will be able to lose the excess weight. 

One study showed that people on a keto diet lost 3 times more pounds than people on a diet recommended by the Diabetes UK organization.


We are aware that getting an optimal level of ketosis is not an easy task. However, in order to get there, you must be very careful with what types of food you buy and eat.

So why not tip the odds in your favor?

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