8 Tastiest Keto Breakfast Smoothies

If you are in the search for a delicious keto breakfast shake that fits your diet, you have found the right place. Here we have explained step by step keto breakfast shake recipes so just keep reading.

  • Keto breakfast smoothie

Ingredients: almonds, spinach, coconut milk, brazil nuts, greens powder, potato starch, psyllium seeds and whey protein

This tasty green shake is using fresh spinach and grass greens powder to make. You should add some brazil nuts for the selenium and a handful of almonds for a nutty taste. This is all you have to do for a nutritious, healthy and amazingly delicious shake.

  • Green smoothie for a easy morning

Ingredients: lemon, cucumber, avocado, water and kale

This smoothie is really easy to make and yet it is a vitamin and mineral bomb that your body needs to start a healthy day. Also it has great taste, but it is a little tangy because it contains avocado, cucumber , kale and lemon.

  • Green probiotic smoothie

Ingredients: Chia seeds, grass-fed collagen, frozen mixed organic berries, coconut milk, avocado, baby spinach and kombucha tea

This smoothie is full of probiotics because it contains kombucha tea. You just have to add some avocado, healthy spinach and some berries and you have yourself a shake that offers you remarkable taste with healthy benefits.

  • Green smoothie with lemon

Ingredients: cucumber, lemon, cilantro, fresh ginger root, kale

The thing that makes this shake so delightful are the fresh greens, ginger and herbs. This is also a beneficial beverage with a lot of vitamins. Containing cucumber and lemon this is almost as a cup of salad but liquid.

  • A refreshing celery cucumber lime smoothie

Ingredients: ice, water, cucumber, lime and celery

If you want something refreshing in the morning that is easy to make, then this is a great smoothie for you. It is great for hydrating your body and also cleaning your palate. Also, this is maybe the easiest shake to make on our list.

  • Anti-inflammation smoothie recipe

Ingredients: water, turmeric powder, ginger powder, romaine lettuce leaf, lime, cucumber, celery stalk and ice

Celery, romaine lettuce, cucumber and lime make this drink a beautifully green shake that is amazingly good to ingest after a hard workout. It gives your body the boost it needs for a long day.

  • Mint and avocado keto smoothie

Ingredients: ice, vanilla, lime, mint, cilantro, almond milk, sweetener, coconut milk and avocado

You should never get bored by these green keto smoothies! There are a lot of ways of how to make different shakes, and this one is full of nutrients and is also very refreshing. And don’t exclude the avocado for this drink because it makes it creamier and thicker.

  • Collagen matcha smoothie

Ingredients: shredded coconut, coconut oil, dark chocolate, chia seeds, water, coconut milk, stevia, matcha, vanilla extract, cauliflower florets and collagen

This is maybe the most powerful smoothie if you are following a keto diet. You know that you will have the energy for the whole day by drinking this amazing smoothie.

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  • Conclusion

    It doesn’t matter which one of these smoothies you make, every one of these is a healthy vitamin bomb that will make you stronger and more able to endure a hard day. Also, they are all keto friendly.

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