Ketogenic Diet Drinks – What You Can Drink & What To Stay Away From

From many points of view, drinks represent the most overlooked sources of calories and carbohydrates in one's diet. Almost every drink out there is filled with carbs, yet most people overlook the small amounts; but when you have two liters of your favorite drink on a daily basis, chances are it will start affecting your diet.

Luckily, there are plenty of keto diet drinks to make your dieting venture easier without compromising on the taste or aroma.

As if all these were not enough, there's plenty of confusion with so many marketing gimmicks out there – zero sugar, sugar free, low carb, natural and so on. Forget about all these – do your homework, research your options and enjoy your favorite drinks responsibly.

Discovering the Best Drinks for the Keto Diet

Whether you are on the ketogenic diet or another diet, your drinks should go in one major direction – zero calories. Even if you're on a low-calorie diet and you can take some extra calories from drinks, these beverages can be really sneaky and ruin your plan. Generally speaking, the simpler your beverages are, the better.

Water – Your Primary Choice

You literally cannot go wrong with the water. It's the main recommendation among ketogenic diet drinks and it's easy to tell why. It's natural for the body to clear water and minerals at a high rate during the first week on the keto diet. The water consumption is even higher when the amounts of ketones rise. In other words, hydration is essential.

Get at least 3 liters of water every day, but don't forget about mineral supplements. If you're used to sodas and other sweet drinks, you can add some flavor to your water. For instance, frozen fruits make an excellent choice.

Add a few frozen berries to your water bottle for some fresh aromas. Sure, fruits contain carbs, but berry fruits are accepted in small amounts. Plus, not all the sugar from fruits will get into the water, unless you actually eat them as well once you finish the liquid.

Mint ice cubes are just as handy. Just freeze some herbs into ice cubes and enjoy the flavor. You can also turn plain water into mild lemonade, whether you add lemon, orange or grapefruit juice. Your options are countless and may even include crazy combinations like watermelon and basil or mint and grapefruit.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee is among the most popular keto diet drinks. But instead of adding sugar in your regular coffee or ordering a sophisticated beverage, just stick to the basics. Plain black coffee is excellent. It makes no difference if you opt for cold or hot coffee. Don't add anything to it and enjoy the pure caffeine.

If you're not into strong coffee, feel free to add some full-fat dairy or an alternative. You can have heavy cream or less fat alternatives like coconut or almond milk. Fat coffee is also among the keto diet drinks allowed, whether you use butter or some coconut oil.

Sadly, not everyone can quit the coffee sweetness. If you can't live without it, use a zero-calorie sweetener instead.

When it comes to tea, most beverages come with no carbs, so they make some excellent keto options. Some of the best choices to try include black, green and herbal teas. Herbal teas are ideal if you don't want any caffeine. Plus, they come in tons of flavors. Just do yourself a favor and check the ingredients, as some herbal teas might include dried fruits or even sugar derivatives.

As for sweetening your tea, natural sweeteners are quite diversified. Opt for zero calorie sweeteners.

Diet Soda

Most sodas are based on sugar. In fact, they contain so much sugar that they can exceed your daily carb requirements. Sure, you can find plenty of sugarfree or zero soda drinks, but they're rich in sugar alternatives and all kinds of ingredients that you've never heard about.

You might be able to find organic keto diet sodas, but they'll cost a lot. It's much simpler to just make your own drink from sparkling water, a sweetener and various fruits. Not only it's healthier, but you can also customize it based on your preferences.

Healthy Milk Products 

Generally speaking, one cup of cow's milk has about 12g of sugar – not the best choice for the ketogenic diet. There are, however, multiple alternatives lower in carbohydrates:

  • Coconut milk – 45 calories per cup
  • Almond milk – 30 calories
  • Flax milk – 25 calories
  • Cashew milk – 40 calories
  • Soy milk – 120 calories
  • Hemp milk – 70 calories

Just like for any product out there, don't take anything for granted. Turn the carton or bottle around and read the label. Avoid flavored products because they're usually rich in sugar and chemicals.


Smoothies are generally associated with healthy foods, yet they usually come with the same nutrients as natural juices. Not all fruits are allowed in the keto diet due to their sugar content. Besides, you can make smoothies with vegetables as well, not to mention other ingredients.

Here are a few examples of ingredients to put into your keto diet-friendly drinks:

  • Fat: egg yolk, coconut oil, avocado and nut butter
  • Yogurts: coconut yogurt and full-fat yogurt
  • Produce: spinach and berry fruits
  • Protein: powder, collagen peptides
  • Sweeteners: stevia
  • Liquids: full-fat milk or other alternatives

Mix any of these ingredients up and enjoy a healthy smoothie every once in a while.

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  • Alcohol

    Some alcoholic drinks are accepted in the keto diet, but not all of them. Sure, if you're invited to a major event, you can still have a glass of spirit as long as you don't attend such events every single day. While on the keto diet, drinking alcohol is accepted, but must be done smartly.

    Hard liquors are normally low in calories. Plus, they are less likely to affect the blood sugar too much. Some of the most popular choices include:

    • Light beer
    • Dry red and white wine
    • Unflavored champagne
    • Unflavored vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey or gin

    Everything else should be avoided, including:

    • Cocktails based on the above-mentioned drinks
    • Mixers
    • Flavored beverages
    • Sweet wines

    Energy Drinks

    Energy drinks usually go in the same category with soda drinks. Basically, they're full of sugar. If you're truly up for an energy shot and an espresso doesn't help, at least opt for the zero or sugarfree alternative. With all these, you should still check the label of potential keto diet energy drinks to ensure you go under your daily carb requirements.

    The most reputable brands will have at least one variety of sugarfree or zero energy drink, so that's what you have to aim for. At the same time, you'll also run into organic energy drinks, which tend to have zero calories and carbs. Obviously, they're a bit more expensive.

    Other Common Drinks

    There is a certain category that includes popular drinks. It's somewhere between keto friendly and completely avoidable. In other words, these drinks are not contraindicated, but you should have them moderately and certainly not every day.

    • Coconut water
    • Cow milk
    • Kombucha
    • Vegetable juice

    They are normally rich in calories and include around 10g of carbs per cup. When having a cup, make sure you'll still stay under your daily carb requirements.

    No one can deny their benefits over the body, but they're still not perfectly suitable for your keto diet. Having a third of your daily carbs in one cup is not really a good idea. Therefore, if you can, avoid these drinks.

    What to Stay Away from

    As a general rule of thumb, stay away from drinks that put you close to your daily carb limits. They're more suitable for the evening. If you still have enough carbs left for the day, go for one. When drank early, these beverages can ruin your day and literally starve you.

    From this point of view, it's better just to stay away from them.

    Here are some of the most popular contraindications and their general nutritional values:

    • Soda drinks – 93 calories and 26g of carbs in one cup
    • Sports drinks – 80 calories and 21g of carbs in one cup
    • Fruit juices – 140 calories and 38g of carbs in one cup
    • Sweet teas – 90 calories and 23g of carbs in one cup
    • Vitamin water – 48 calories and 13g of carbs in one cup
    • Low sugar soda drinks – 60 calories and 16g of carbs in one cup


    As a short final conclusion, the ketogenic diet is not as harsh as other diets. In fact, it's quite permissive and actually recommends eating. As for drinks, most of them require moderation.

    The good news is that you'll always have alternatives. If you can't have something, chances are you can have something similar that's healthier and keto friendlier. Not only you can stick to your diet, but you'll also feel better. If you truly crave for something, at least have it in the evening based on how many carbs you have left for the day.

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