Keto Diet Fruit: The Guide To Nature’s Candy On A Low Carb Diet

Normal science suggests that fruit is mostly a healthy part of every balanced diet. However, the ongoing argument in the public domains coils on the question: can you eat fruit on keto diet?

Typically, fruit has sugars and is nutritious when used in moderation. Alternatively, fruit can result in crisis regarding keto and loss of fats. This post investigates on the best keto diet fruit, the difference in specific fruit variety, and general contributions to weight loss.

Nature’s Candy: Is Fruit Keto-Friendly?

Fruit is depicted as “nature’s candy” repeatedly. Fruit contains sugar, and just like any other typical candy, it spikes the levels of the blood sugar when taken. The first incident that we would like to skip on a keto diet is the spiking of the blood glucose. Your body is caused to emit insulin by this phenomenon. 

Insulin is well known as the hormone in charge of fat storage. It informs your body on storage of body fat. In ketosis, fats are meant to be broken down for energy. Insulin responds similarly to a spike and reduction in the level of blood sugar. This response halts the ability of the body to burn fats thereby hindering production of ketones.

Why Limit The Sugary Fruit on Keto Diet?

Fruits have a sugary composition. Of course, sugar is the kind of carbohydrate you would most desire to skip on a keto diet. On top of its addictive nature and effect of promoting diseases, consumption of sugar brings about an instant spike in blood glucose.

This spiking results in cravings and crisis in the burning of fats. All these are things you try to escape on keto.

Studies indicate that sugar triggers brain areas of reward and craving. This tendency is similar to the impact caused by addictive drugs. Proofs further show that the addition of sugar exceeds that of cocaine.

Carbohydrates and sugars that have gone through processing are essential in this addiction. However, could some properties of this addiction be prompted by nature’s candy? As per now, research for this area is missing. Pertaining fruit on keto diet, getting fruits with low levels of carbohydrates and sugar is very demanding.

Some of the fruits with highest sugar levels include watermelon, peaches, mangoes, bananas, and apples. Nevertheless, none of these is the right fruit for keto diet. Similarly, fruit juice and dried fruits with lots of sugars should not be part of the keto menu as well.

Is All Fruit Bad On Keto?

The correct answer is “Not essentially”. While you should consume fruit in moderation to maintain ketosis, this does not imply an exclusion of all fruits. Most important, keep an eye on your daily net carbs and never exceed its daily allowance.

The average daily carb count favorable to stay in ketosis is about 5 – 10% of your calorie intake daily. Naturally, this is roughly 25 – 30g of total net carbs on a regular basis. You can ascertain the net carbs by getting the difference between dietary fiber and whole carbs, that is: 

(Total Carbs – Fiber = Net Carbs).

You count total net carbs on a keto diet because fiber does not affect the level of blood glucose. 

It is not digestible, indicating that it neither spikes insulin nor take you away from ketosis. It’s essential to determine the levels of your ketones any time you incorporate foods with carbohydrates into your diet. In doing so, you will notice the effect of the new alteration on the ketone levels much more comfortable.

So, What Is The Best Keto Fruit

This subject may sound surprising to you, though we have one fruit that never misses on a keto diet fruit list: Avocado.

Yes, indeed you have this, right. Avocado isn’t a vegetable. It’s a fruit.

Avocado is the most famous fruit with the lowest amount of carbs. 

Avocado is an impressive superfood with a range of nutrients besides phytonutrients, antioxidants, proteins, fiber, minerals, vitamins, and nutritious fats.

It ought to be standard in every diet plan. Most people rely on the belief of high carb level in avocado. This misconception makes them avoid this fruit in their diet. Nevertheless, avocados constitute a superfood for keto diet by its ratio of proteins, fat, fiber, carbs, and other helpful nutrients.

The following are strong reasons as to why avocados are beneficial for consumption:

  • Enhanced heart health
  • Stiff hair, eye, and skin
  • Less risk of metabolic syndrome
  • Helps in loss of weight
  • Prevents cancer
  • Improved digestive health
  • Hormonal balance
  • Safety against diabetes and insulin resistance

The above points are enough to drive you away from the negative misconceptions. Stock the avocados and ensure that you are acquiring a nutritious dose of the most appropriate keto diet fruits to eat.

Other Keto-Friendly Fruits

Though with limited traces of sugar, berries are seen as an excellent fruit in keto diet. Similar to avocados, berries are composed of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants yet less of fiber and carbs.

Studies reveal that berries slow down the response of insulin, inflammation and improve the level of blood sugar. They also offer protection against common diseases. Consumption of berries in limited quantities maintains your ketosis state in the supply of the fruit fix.

Fruits to Skip on a low carb ketogenic diet 

  • Juices and Juice Concentrate

When you juice a fruit, much fiber strips from the resulting product. This effect increases the total net carb composition of the pure fruit, unlike its original pure fruit sample. Hence, this product imparts a more significant outcome on the blood sugar. Lime juice or lemon in moderation would be an exclusion for this because it’s visibly low in sugar content compared to other varieties of juice.

  • Dehydrated Fruit

Dehydrating fruit empties its moisture. This process outshines that of the corresponding fresh counterpart to enhance the nutrient density of the dehydrated fruit. The method of evaporating also guarantees an improved sugar count and level of carbs.

  • Fruits with carb level exceeding 10 grams per 100 grams

Relying on your tolerance to carbohydrates and if adapted to fat or not, you may be enlarging the limits of dietary ketosis by taking fruit with higher content of carbs or more higher levels of the fruits with low carb as listed. Usually, there will be outliers and exceptions; remember citing the searchable fruits with low carbs as listed below to pinpoint the count of carbs in case you are in doubt.

Best Way of Taking Fruit on Keto Diet

Put your focus on acquiring most of your minerals and vitamins from sources that are keto-friendly to maintain the fat-burning mode of your body. Gratify sweet desires with options of low carb content such as berries when required.

Have fun with avocados generously. It is the best fruit for keto diet, period! Research particular types of certified keto foods and try combining nutritious sources of vegetables and meat every day. Take healthy fat for improved energy and reduced cravings.


Here is one final tip for keto diet and fruit. If you would like to know the effects of fruit on your body, examine the level of your blood glucose after taking a serving. In case you notice a rise or a drop in your blood sugar within five hours duration, this shows that you are sensitive to that specific fruit and you should probably skip it.

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