What Is Keto Fat Fast Technique And How To Start

As you prepare to get the particulars about keto fat fast and the criteria of doing it, we are pushed to let you know that this is a tweaked variety of the initial. One of the changes is the low-fat intake and the reduced number of food on a daily basis. An explanation for these two is provided in this discussion and is merely selective. The path you select depends on your own decision.

What Is Fat Fast?

We don’t consider a fastingt as a new concept. Do you? This model has existed for a couple of years. The first supporter to use it in breaking through a plateau of weight loss is recognized as Dr. Robert Atkins. All this information is documented in his top-selling book known as “Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution”.

Perhaps some of you are most likely aware of how a keto diet works, we will provide a secure overview before heading to the actual fat fast concept. Keto and other diets of low-carb content have been in existence for an extended period. A good number of these diets besides keto are necessary for weight reduction and a range of other health benefits.

Fat fasting is a variety of fasting suggested for people who are adapted to keto and have attained a weight reduction plateau. Standard keto fat fast recipes involve eating roughly 80 – 90% of calorie from the fat as you minimize the intake of your calorie to about 1000 – 1200 kcal daily.

This fast is supposed to be observed for a period not exceeding 3 – 5 days. If you keep on a fat fasting for an extended period, you are prone to the danger of taking your body to the starvation mode, reduce muscles and deficiency of essential nutrients.

If you previously adapted to keto and decided to move on to the fasting, the level of your ketones will probably rise. This trend takes place because energy mainly originates from the fats, the body gets into lipolysis and begins utilizing fat stores to give strength. 

Currently, studies reveal that pertaining muscle sparing and weight loss, “traditional” fasting (90% kcal fat) does not seem to comprise of added benefits compared to a fasting with minimal fat and high levels of proteins.

This does not imply that this fast is ineffective. It merely suggests that if you consume more proteins equally, you are likely to achieve similar keto fat fast results. Basing on the fact that protein is the leading sating macronutrient, it will be beneficial in keeping the food craving at bay in the course of the progress.

When to Consider the Keto Fat Fast

The following are rules:

In case you previously got used to ketogenic, you are likely to face some challenges because the body would not have adapted to the this diet. However, if not adjusted to it, attempt keeping up with the diet for 3 – 4 weeks and apply the big fast concept on attaining a weight reduction plateau. 

There might be a possibility of delay in your weight for a period exceeding 2 -3 weeks while you’ve removed all the possible reasons. Here, ensure checking on your ratio for the keto diet to remove potential reasons that stop weight loss such as calories, fats, low level of protein or lots of carbs.

How to follow Fat Fasting? What to Eat?

Since you mainly get calories from fat, you must ensure incorporating nutritious fats like saturated fats, Omega 3s, and MUFA. Feel free to use this guide for oils and fats for better choices.

Guidelines for traditional fat fast advises eating 4 -5 little meals on a daily basis each comprising 200 – 500 kcal. This entirely depends on your choice. Deciding to consume 1 – 2 meals on a regular basis as we do is a perfect option.

A fat fasting cannot be followed for a period exceeding 3 – 5 days.

Tips on Getting started

Preferably, you are supposed to eat a multivitamin to constitute the micronutrients missing on a fasting cycle. Never have extensive exercises on a keto fat fast meal plan. This caution does not mean being inactive. You can add cardio or other strength exercises right at home such as press-ups, squats and much more.

But, ensure making it simple and do away with more extended training. We did not perceive hunger or deficiency of energy and could quickly combine a few exercises every day such as strength training for 20 – 30 minutes or walk for 30 – 60 minutes.

Find an app for active tracking of your diet or only remember to track anything you take on a sheet of paper. 

going for Many Small or Few Regular Meals? 

In his book “New Diet Revolution” Dr. Atkins has defined traditional fasting as the consumption of 4 – 5 little meals in the day, each meal has 200 – 250 kcal. Nevertheless, the lesson we have is that when you adapt to keto, you are no longer required to take several small meals on a daily basis to remain sated.

You may find it leisurely just eating 1 – 2 meals regularly instead of several small meals, mainly if you are a fan of intermittent fasting. Taking 1 – 2 large types of meals and leaving an extended gap in between the meals like 16 – 22 hours reflects an Intermittent Fasting.

We eat breakfast on a rare basis and often take our first meal at around 1 pm. In the course of conducting our fat fasting, we made an equal number of meals. We are used to two meals each day and 1 – 2 cups coffee topped with cream. We directly raised the fat level to 80 – 90%. In fact, except for hypoglycemic, there is no need of eating much often. 

Remember, the habit of consuming merely 1 -2 meals rather than five small is our approach and may not be right for everyone. We’ve made two attempts of the fat fasting ( 1 – 2 meals and 4 – 5 meals daily) to ensure all these be done for similar results on the two keto fat fast plans.

Nevertheless, we experienced struggles in keeping up with the policy on some small meals. Our intention was always to consume beyond a handful, and our minds were sufficiently limited on food.


Remember, restriction of calorie for more extended periods with low levels of protein can result into a reduced BMR, decreased muscle mass and other deficiencies. That is the reason why we advise not to conduct a ketogenic fat fast for a period exceeding five days. Most importantly, no research considers neither fat-adaptation nor keto-adaptation. 

The body functions in different ways for burning of sugars in those who are adapted to fat. The reasonable assumption would be that people who are suited to fat would drop less mass of muscles throughout a fasting.

So why not tip the odds in your favor?

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