Keto Hair Loss Challenges And The Best Remedies

Humans shed their hair naturally, but Keto hair loss also occurs when one is on this diet plan. According to claims brought forward by the American Academy of Dermatology, it is possible to shed 50 – 100 hairs almost every day.  But when this amount is exceeded, then something else is responsible. Here, we will have a look at reasons keto people experience hair loss and possible remedy.

Factors responsible for ketogenic hair loss

Keto diet hair loss happens, but knowing factors that are responsible will put your mind at rest. Here are reasons people on the keto diet shed their hair.

Losing weight rapidly – Acute Telogen effluvium

The brain behind the keto diet plan is to lose weight and get back to shape as quickly as possible. But it might come with a price, which could be in the form of hair loss. This type of condition is called Telogen effluvium, but not something you should really worry about. 

This kind of hair loss caused by rapid weight loss is usually a temporary condition. Your hair will return to its normal state after some time. The Acute Telogen effluvium occurs in men and women especially those on the keto diet program and can last up to six months. It is a state where the growth of the hair enters a resting phase. 

How can I tackle this condition?

Well, the best way is to ignore it since acute Telogen effluvium is temporary. But most people experiencing this condition have achieved success by taking Biotin. So you might want to give it a try.

Lack of biotin

The first question is can biotin deficiency cause hair loss? The second is can keto diet cause biotin deficiency? The answer to both questions is YES. If you have been on the keto diet plan for long, chances are that your body might have notified you that the high-fat low carb diet isn't a good option for you. Well, that is just your body speaking. 

A study on mice to prove that keto diet causes biotin was successful. It showed that ketogenic diet could really lead to biotin deficiencies, which is another factor responsible for hair loss. Vitamin B7 or biotin is a very important part of skin cells. It also stands as one of the most sorted after keto hair loss supplements. 

How can I replenish biotin to address deficiencies?

As earlier mentioned, biotin or vitamin B7 deficiencies can be addressed with supplements. And there are myriads of supplements available. Here are some of the best biotin hair loss supplements that can help keto dieters experiencing hair loss to revert the condition. 

Recommended: Rejuvalex Advanced Hair Growth Formula

(Keep in mind this is the most expensive product and you can find other alternatives on Amazon, which we have listed below)

REJUVALEX is a broad-spectrum nutritional supplement, fortified with Biotin, collagen, multi-vitamin complex and essential minerals to support not only the damaged hair but also helps you look years younger. It works at a cellular level nourishing the scalp and reenergizing dormant root follicles to stimulate new hair regrowth cycle. It works simultaneously to prevent future damage.

Griffith Natural Pure Biotin Supplement

Most people complain that biotin supplements cause breakage, but this hardly happens with supplements like Pure Biotin from Griffith Natural. Even with the few breakages reported the fact that it makes hair shinier, longer and healthier is a plus.

The Natural Pure Biotin supplement is not for the hair alone. It also promotes protein, fat and carb metabolism, as well as support the eyes, liver and nervous system. Having the ability to lower cholesterol levels and maintain blood sugar are some of the features attributed to this supplement.

Nested Naturals Biotin Plus

Do not make hair loss discourage you from taking your ketogenic diet plan seriously. There are supplements that help with keto hair loss prevention and tons of other features. Biotin Plus takes care of not only the hair but nails and other areas of the body too. It is a natural product with 100% natural ingredients that can help to stimulate hair growth, prevent losses and strengthen your hair. 

In addition, Biotin Plus is suitable for vegans. It is non-GMO and free of gluten. Considering the capsule size, it is so easy and convenient to swallow. 

Thyroid disorder Issue

There are diverse factors that cause this autoimmune disease, hypothyroidism. It could be as a result of leaky gut, but other things could also be responsible. However, the right step to take is to get tested as soon as you notice ketogenic hair loss. Also, care for your thyroid and improve hair health by taking more of minerals, vitamins, and foods that are rich in iron, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B12.

How can I address this situation?

YES, supplements that not only great for hypothyroidism can help. One of them is the Hillside Naturals Thyroid Support Supplement. This supplement helps to control the thyroid hormone. It contains tons of ingredients, one of which is selenium, a mineral that can make a significant contribution to your metabolism. 

Deficiency of iron

Another factor capable of causing hair loss for keto dieters is iron deficiencies. There is a protein, ferritin that helps the body to sustain adequate levels of iron. So if your ferritin levels are quite low, you may develop symptoms that are almost the same as hypothyroidism which includes breathlessness, hair loss, thinning and even gastrointestinal issues. 

Best keto hair loss shampoo

You can treat your hair loss with shampoo. But finding the best among the tons of products available could be challenging. For keto shampoo hair loss, some of the finest and most popular shampoos have ketoconazole in them. Most of them contain at least 1% or 2% of this active ingredient touted to promote hair growth. The following are shampoos with ketoconazole and other natural ingredients.

Neugaine Unisex Organic Shampoo

The Neugaine has 100% natural ingredients and a great solution for hair loss. Its effectiveness can be attributed to coconut oil and argan oil. And unlike most shampoos at this price point, it is sulfate free. 

Being sulfate free makes this organic shampoo safe for all colors and types of hair. And even though the price is quite high (mainly because of the organic products it contains), the bottle is also big enough to last you for at least 3 months use. It also contains 1% of ketoconazole which is a good amount. 

Ultrax Labs Shampoo

If you are looking for effective keto hair loss shampoo, Ultrax Labs fits the bill. This shampoo contains Ketoconazole and caffeine that helps to stimulate hair growth naturally. It contains 0.2% of Ketoconazole. 

Manufactured in the United States of America, the Utrax Labs Shampoo smells really good and is easy to use. It is also safe for all kinds of hair. 


It is common for keto dieters to experience hair loss. But the good thing is that most of these conditions are temporary and can be tackled with supplements or shampoo. However, most people get scared when they start experiencing this while on the keto diet.

They feel their hair loss is as a result of something else and not the change of diet. You can learn about the causes of ketogenic diet hair loss from this post and action to take when such condition develops.

So why not tip the odds in your favor?

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