Ketogenic Diet and Cardiovascular Disease Explained

Are you considering going up on a ketogenic diet but you heard that it could give you heart problems? Well, you don’t have to search anymore, you are at the right place where you can have all the information you need. Just keep reading!

Ketosis heart disease

Ketosis is a state of body that occurs when eating low or no carb food and in that circumstances, molecules like ketones keep building up in your bloodstream. Low sugar in your body causes the drop of blood sugar and the energy source becomes fat.

Ketosis is actually just a mild type of ketoacidosis. You can usually find ketoacidosis in patients who have diabetes 1. As a fact, it is the most significant cause of death in people who are suffering from diabetes 1.

But, a lot of experts have an opinion that ketosis doesn't have to be harmful. Some of the studies show that a ketogenic diet is genuinely fruitful in the obese population, but on the other hand, some reviews point that patients who are on a low sugar diet regain some of the lost weight in a year.

When is this diet unhealthy?

In the critics opinion, a keto diet only works for a short time and using it long term can be unhealthy and it links keto and heart disease.

The most of the weight you lose is the weight of water, according to some clinical dietitians. They say that when your body goes into ketosis you lose your muscles and you become severely fatigued, and in time you go into starvation mode.

Other critics say that this is a keto diet that shouldn’t be used unless you are under clinical supervision and that it could do more harm than good, even damage your heart which is a muscle.

This kind of diet is used for cancer patients to shrink tumors and for people with epilepsy to reduce seizures, but in the general population, a keto diet should be the last choice.

When is this diet healthy?

The diet is made for reducing seizures with epilepsy patients. Not yet clear how, but it does. There are some nutritionists that refer this diet to people who want to lose weight, and they say that the results are amazing.

The best thing about this diet is the rapid weight loss which can be used as a motivation so you can continue without it on your own.

Rudy Mawer, a sports nutritionist said: “What is amazing for one person can be awful for another”-which is actually the best description.

Ketogenic diet and cardiovascular disease Wrap Up

There are opinions that this diet clogs your arteries because it is a high-fat diet. But the thing is, what clots your arteries is high levels of insulin. By cutting down on carbohydrates, you have lesser insulin in your bloodstream and therefore a smaller chance of getting a clot. 

This diet is with no doubt good for our cardiovascular system because it results in the reduction of sugar, LDL, cholesterol, and triglycerides but it increases the HDL according to Dr. Eric Berg.


There are a lot of thoughts whether this diet is healthy on not. Everyone has his own opinion, it is up to you to decide. Our tip for you is that you should visit a nutritionist or a doctor and consult with him about this topic. Every person is different and not everyone responds to the same things the same way.

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