The Connection Between A Keto Diet And High Blood Pressure

A lot of researches has shown that a low-carb diet, coupled with a well-planned exercise regime can reduce your body weight, blood sugar, and triglycerides. On top of that, it will help you with your cholesterol and insulin sensitivity. However, when it comes to ketogenic diets, most people have ignored what kind of effects it has on blood pressure.

Recently, it has been proved that keeping an optimal blood pressure is even more important when it comes to your overall health. Because of that, everyone should know all the necessary information about keto high blood pressure.


Before tackling the subject of keto diet high blood pressure, we need to talk a little about what blood pressure is. In most places, you will find it as BP, and it shows the force exerted by blood directly on the blood vessels. Basically, it points to the pressure that arteries feel when they carry the blood away from the heart.

The way BP is expressed is through two numbers that are placed one over another. The top number stands for systolic pressure and it shows the amount of pressure that your arteries have when during heart contractions. It represents the maximum amount of pressure that the walls of the blood vessels can withstand.

The bottom number stands for diastolic pressure and it shows the pressure your arteries have between heartbeats. This number is always lower than the first one and it is measured in “millimeters of mercury”, or mm Hg. A pressure of 120/80 mm Hg is considered to be the standard, and healthy pressure is typically anything that is below the above-mentioned numbers.

If you have systolic blood pressure that is constantly around 120-139 mm Hg and a diastolic blood pressure that ranges around 80-90 mm Hg, you could have a condition called prehypertension. If you don't tackle it in time, you might get a condition called hypertension which means your pressure will be always high, leading to a range of clinical problems.

A low carb diet is always considered good for lowering blood pressure, so because of that, the question of is keto diet good for high blood pressure appears.

Ketogenic Diet and High Blood Pressure

Many people ask the question “Does keto cause high blood pressure?” before they decide to start a ketogenic diet. The answer is no; any type of low carb diet will reduce blood pressure and so is the case with a keto diet plan. However, there is something that people do to make it easier for them during the first days of their ketogenic diet and this can indeed increase blood pressure.

We are talking about salt and bouillon. Most diet guides tell beginners to consume extra fluid and salt so that they can tackle the early side effects of the keto diet. This is mostly done because you will be getting a lot of headaches during the first week on a low carb diet. However, the extra fluid and salt will surely increase your blood pressure, so if you have problems with high blood pressure, try to control them before starting the keto diet.

One thing you need to watch out for is not to bring your blood pressure to a dangerously low level. If you are suffering from high blood pressure and you are using medication to control it, you must be careful with your keto diet. Coupled with the pills, it can drop your blood pressure way too low, which will make you feel weak and tired. If you are planning to stick to a ketogenic diet for a long time, you should consider talking to your doctor and eliminating the use of medication.

All in all, a ketogenic diet, which is very low in carbs and high in healthy fats is the best way to optimize your biochemical pathways. This is turn will surpass the development of disease in your body and will help your body heal.

Even though a ketogenic diet is aimed at people who are interested in losing weight or people who are suffering from diabetes, the use you can get out of it is much higher. It’s a worthy diet because it will improve your overall health. On top of that, a keto diet will keep your blood pressure in check as well, which is a nice bonus.

Blue Heron High Blood Pressure Program

As we could see above, a ketogenic diet can really help you control your blood pressure. Because of that, there are all kinds of different approaches to this low carb diet and a set of exercises. Nevertheless, we have found that a certain product known as the blue heron high blood pressure program has had the best effects on improving human health.

People who have been a part of this program claim that it helps prevent certain diseases like strokes, heart attacks, and even kidney failures. There are millions of people out there that suffer from chronic and very dangerous high blood pressure. Sometimes medication has way too many side effects and people are desperate for an alternative solution. Blue Heron will do exactly that, as it brings your blood pressure to healthy levels without giving you any troublesome side effects.

The only thing you need to remember is that you have to follow the program exactly as it is, without making any changes. The program is oriented around a specific set of exercises which will help you understand keto diet high blood pressure even further.



In conclusion, we can safely say that among all the benefits that a keto high blood pressure diet can offer, keeping your blood pressure low is an added bonus. You will be able to find tons of keto diets online and if you follow them strictly, they will help you improve your health immensely.

Nevertheless, we believe that you should have a look at the blue heron high blood pressure program. It has proven to be very effective when it comes to preventing diseases like strokes and heart attacks. On top of that, reports claim that the program is great for keeping your blood sugar at a healthy level all the time. So, if you are battling with chronically high blood pressure, go ahead and try this program.

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