Start The Day With These Ketogenic Juice Recipes

Being on a keto diet can be a real challenge, especially in the first couple of weeks. This is where juicing comes into play, because it will definitely help you get a lot of nutrients which are hard to obtain through the regular meals alone.

However, juicing can be very high in carbohydrates which is quite contrary to any keto diet. This is why you need to create your juice by yourself and use ingredients that won’t interfere with your keto diet. Keep reading to find a couple of keto juice recipes that will be perfect for any low carb diet.

Keto Juice Guidelines

The first rule of preparing a keto juice is not to use fruit. Fresh fruit has fiber in it, however when you juice fruit only the sugar in it remains which can take quite a toll on the liver. Not to mention it will spike your blood sugar.

For that reason, the base of every keto juice should always be a vegetable. Preferably a vegetable that contains a lot of water because it will be low in carbs. Celery, cucumbers and other leafy greens are a good start to your juice. After that, the key is to load the juicer with vegetables that are low in sugar. To add some sweetness, you can use carrots and beets which are sweet and high in carbs at the same time.

Keto Juice Recipes

1. Strawberry Keto Milkshake

This juice can be the perfect start to your day. The recipe suggests adding coconut milk and MCT oil to the juice, making it even better for your keto diet. The other ingredients are: 

- ½ cup of fresh or frozen strawberries
- ½ tsp sugar-free vanilla extract
- 1 tbsp. MCT oil
- ¼ coconut milk
- ¾ cup almond milk or water.

You can also add stevia extract, chia seeds and even put whipped cream on the top.

2. French Soda

Another juice which is perfect for early in the morning. This juice is a perfect combination of coconut cream, coconut milk, and limes. Among those here are the other ingredients:

- 2 cups of fizzy water
- 1 tsp of stevia (fruit punch or any other flavor)
- Limes
- Coconut cream
- ¼ unsweetened coconut milk.

All the ingredients should be mixed together and then add the coconut cream on top.

3. Raspberry Limonade

This juice can give you a real kick-start to your morning. It perfectly combines the sweet taste of the raspberry and the freshening taste of the lime juice. The ingredients are:

- ½ cup of fresh lime juice
- 1 cup of fresh raspberries
- 4 and ½ cups of cold water
- ½ cup of Swerve Sweetener.

You need to boil the ingredients, then put them in the blender and right into the fridge until it all gets nice and chilly.

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  • Conclusion

    There is more to any keto diet than just eating low carb meals. There are other nutrients that you won’t be able to get into your body by just following the meal regime. The best way to fix that is by juicing. Above, you could see three fantastic keto juice recipes which you can prepare on a daily basis.

    Just remember that a vegetable should always be the base of your juice and you are ready to go.

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