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People who are using the ketogenic diet state that during the first few days they felt a certain amount of discomfort - and the medical reason is simple! The body and brain should be given time to adapt to the new situation and this should not worry you. It is a completely normal process.  

However, users of the ketogenic diet who continued using it, after a certain period of time, noticed positive results - people who were exercising and who decided to use keto diet in order to gain muscle mass registered an increase of energy, and their hard training did not require such a great effort anymore.

Positive results that we all want to get, don’t we? To make that possible, we should consider increasing our intake of saturated fats.

What are Keto Saturated Fats?

There are nutrients that can normally be found in some types of foods such as the coconut oil. They are very easy to be processed in the body and are extremely beneficial for people who are on keto. What is important to note here is that once we intake them in our body, they are passed to the liver which can then be used as a source of energy.

Fats are very important for the keto users because they are the only source of energy.

The amount of saturated fat on keto that needs to be entered into the body is different and depends on the results that you want to achieve, meaning that if you want to keep your health in a good condition while on a keto diet, you should increase the intake of fats.

Another thing that you need to know is that there is no need for you to count calories because this diet is a type of diet that does not require that from you. When you try to enter more fats into your body, you should be aware of the different types of fats and what are the ones that are beneficial for the body and what are the types that you need to avoid

It is true that saturated fats have long been known as bad for the overall health, but studies have shown that they can be beneficial if used properly. Note that saturated fats can be found in lots of natural and healthy foods and ingredients such as meat, butter, eggs, coconut oil and many others. 

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Studies suggest that the total result of a ketogenic diet is achieved in about 6 weeks, and that this type of regimen itself can continue even after that period. If you want to make that happen, combine your keto diet and saturated fat and you will start seeing changes right away.

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