How To Fight With Ketosis Diet Headache And Win

Ketosis is a state that plays a crucial role in managing one's weight, but transiting from normal diet lifestyle to keto diet can be challenging (at least for a short time).

The common complaints most people have with this transition is the dreaded ketosis headache that comes with it.

Unfortunately, this ketosis diet headache prevents a lot of dieters from enjoying the amazing benefits of this eating lifestyle.

But as a determined person, this flu-like symptoms that occur at the start of your keto dieting shouldn't discourage you for whatsoever.

There are some nutrient protocols and lifestyle hacks you can adapt to avoid the low-carb induced headache.

Over time your body system will adjust to using fat as its source of energy and all the side effects will stop.

In this article we shall be looking at the causes of ketosis diet headache, how long it lasts, the available cure for it, and how to stop it from reoccurring again.

Ketosis and Headache – What causes it?

It is likely that you have gotten over your ketosis diet headache, but you might still be confused why it occurred in the first place. This could be as a result of several acts.

Let’s look at the 5 possible causes:

  • Dehydration

When you are on a keto diet, the rate at which you pee is very high which makes you lose lots of fluids in your system. The outcome of this dehydration which is a common cause of a headache. This is the reason drinking plenty of water is commonly suggested for curing low carb headaches. 

  • Caffeine Withdrawal

When going into keto, a majority of the people withdraw themselves from taking caffeinated lattes and sodas. This sudden caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches.

  • Lack of Sodium


According to a report, people who drastically reduce their carb levels tend to have lower insulin levels. This leads to low sodium absorption which causes sodium level to drop in the body. This can be boosted by taking at least half teaspoon table salt daily.

  • Sugar Withdrawal

This is usually connected to sodium deficit and dehydration (especially if you indulge in drinking much liquid from sugary beverages). Drastically putting an end to sugar consumption has been proven to cause migraines.

  • Histamine Sensitivity


After ruling out sodium, dehydration, caffeine, and sugar as possible causes of a ketosis headache, then it could be you are suffering from histamine sensitivity. High histamine low carb foods include: shellfish, beef jerky, nuts, pickles, aged cheeses, sauerkraut and cured meats. Avoid this list of foods from your keto diet if ketosis and headache still go hand-in-hand.

How Long Does Ketosis Headache Last?

You should experience relief within thirty minutes after drinking half teaspoon of table salt mixed in warm water (you can mix it with broth also).

If left unattended to, your headache will disappear typically within three days, but in some situations, it could last for as long as three weeks. It all boils down to how quick your body system adapt fully to fat.

Ketosis Headache Cures

For immediate remedy for keto headaches, I will be showing you 5 different proven relief mechanisms you can administer to see results in less than thirty minutes. It doesn't matter if it's a headache that occurs on the first day of starting keto diet or two weeks into it.

  • Take warm water mixed with ½ tsp. of salt

For any issue, trying out the most straightforward remedy is the first choice. Add ½ tsp. of salt to a glass of slightly warm water (three cups) and drink. Your headache should be gone within 20 to 30 minutes if the actual cause is either sodium deficit or dehydration.

I have tested this method using warm and cold water. It is almost intolerable when you use cold water, but with warm water, it is easy to get it through your throat. 

  • Drink one carton of bone broth

If you are not comfortable with warm water, then you can sip down one container of bone broth. It could be either beef or chicken bone broth; either one is okay. Drink 2 cups (16 oz.) or even more to make sure enough sodium enters your system.

You can add butter to improve the taste and add more keto macros to your food.

  • Take vegetable bouillon mixed with 2 cups of water

Out 2 cups of water in your microwave and allow to boil, then add in bouillon tab, use a spoon to stir so that it dissolves. Drink it. This is an excellent ketosis headache cure especially for those engaged in vegan keto. Surprisingly, it is delicious!

Of all the five remedies I’ll be revealing, the veggie bouillon is of course the best tasting remedy.

  • Add table salt to zero carb chicken broth and drink

Put two cups of zero carb chicken broth in a microwave, add a teaspoon of table salt. Heat for one minute then sip. This remedy was discovered by Myles, a dietician, who discovered that water + 1 tsp. of salt wasn't enough in some cases.

  • Drink some salt-infused and butter coffee

If you were a soda or coffee drinker and your ketosis headaches still persist, then try taking 1 cup of coffee with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil or butter and ½ teaspoon of table salt. This according to a Redditor who overcame reoccurring keto headaches.

are there any fast-acting supplement cures?

Yes, according to number of amazon reviews of Keto Vitals product, you can say it's probably the best ketosis headache cure. It supplements your body with everything which is missing on ketogenic diet: potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium.

Ketosis and Migraines – How to Prevent it

Following the principles (listed above) for curing keto headaches should also help you in preventing them. Drink salted water, bone vegetable bouillon, or broth daily or simply use fast-acting supplement like Keto Vitals.

You can stop ketosis headaches from repeating by avoiding sudden transition from carb to fat adapted. To achieve this, simply reduce the amount of net carb you consume daily to not up to 10 grams and add olive oil or butter to all your diets to give you a sense of satisfaction after eating.


From all what we have talked about in this article, you will discover that everything revolves around salt. So whenever you are experiencing a ketosis headache, take something liquid with enough salt in it. If this salt remedy doesn’t work and you have also reduced caffeine, then drinking some coffee may the solution.

If it gets out of hand, you can eat carbs. But I believe you prefer to have a cure for it instead of terminating your keto diet program.

So why not tip the odds in your favor?

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