Benefits Of Being In A Ketosis While Pregnant

Ketosis is a completely normal metabolic state for most people. However, not everyone is familiar with this term and as such, you’ll often hear people wondering if ketosis is safe. This is particularly true for pregnant women or women who are trying to conceive.

If you're looking to learn more about ketosis while pregnant, you came to the right place. Learning more about this metabolic state is very important, especially if you're going into ketosis while pregnant. It's important to note that most of the time ketosis occurs naturally. However, it's possible to also trigger this state voluntarily.

Can Ketosis Help You Get Pregnant?

There is a fair amount of evidence which indicates that ketosis can indeed help a woman get pregnant. A ketogenic diet is highly recommended for women suffering from PCOS. One of the main symptoms of this hormone imbalance is infertility and occurs quite frequently. 

However, during a small scale study on PCOS, two of the participants managed to become pregnant. These women were previously having infertility problems and went on a ketogenic diet to alleviate the symptoms of PCOS.

Some people see more benefits than others while in ketosis. It’s difficult to say for certain how this state can help each individual. What is certain, however, is that a ketogenic diet is perfectly safe while trying to conceive. But is ketosis safe while pregnant?

The Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet While Pregnant

Fertility specialist Michael Fox assures women that it is perfectly safe to go on a ketogenic diet during pregnancy. Moreover, he says that women who are ketogenic while pregnant can greatly benefit from such a diet. Dr. Fox also indicates that women have been doing these diets since ancient times. He is a big advocate of ketosis and has been recommending ketogenic diets for over 17 years now.

According to him, women should start the diet two or three months before trying to become pregnant. This way, the body becomes well adapted to the diet and can get the most out of it during pregnancy. The diet involves eating a lot of healthy fats and very few carbohydrates, which applies both before and during pregnancy. Sugar is off the menu and replaced with healthier foods.

Ketosis can be achieved by consuming a lot of raw nuts and vegetables like cauliflower, cucumber, and celery. Other great food items include avocado, cream cheese, butter, fresh fish, eggs, and certain types of meats.

One of the benefits of a ketogenic diet is the reduction of nausea. Morning sickness is a common symptom during pregnancy and it is caused by an increase in insulin resistance. Ketogenic diets are well known for their ability to improve insulin levels and reduce insulin resistance. In turn, this will help eliminate a lot of the nausea women experience during pregnancy.

Again, results may vary from person to person but everyone should see at least some improvements. In some cases, women reported absolutely no morning sickness during pregnancy while they were in ketosis. In order to get the most benefits, it is recommended to stay on the diet for the full duration of the pregnancy.

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