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Are you considering the option of going keto to get back to shape? Then you are on the right track. Proponents of this diet plan believe that to achieve the benefits of the keto, one has to make use of the best ketogenic meal replacement. But with many options available on the market, making the right choice is now more confusing than ever. These are the things you need to know about the keto diet plan.

How the ketogenic diet works

Before you finalize plans to go completely keto, you need to understand how the diet works. It will help you achieve your desired weight loss goals faster.

So, how does the keto diet function? Here is what you need to know.

When carbohydrates are eaten in a fairly large amount, they are converted into glucose and get into the bloodstream.  That said the body needs the energy for daily activities. And one of the easiest ways to get it is through carbohydrates converted into glucose.

Unlike fats, carbs are easy to convert to energy hence they are the quickest and readily available energy source for the body. Fats are stored in the body, and serve as emergency energy source for the body, especially when carb intake is reduced. 

Unfortunately for the body, it gains excess weight from the stored fat and carb use as energy source. With the consumption of excess carb, the body would have enough to transform into energy and fat accumulation continues to increase. 

How keto diet helps the body to lose weight

The way the keto diet function is not different from what the numerous ketogenic meal replacement reviews are talking about. The main aim of this diet plan is to make a person consume less carb and more fats to force the body to enter into a state of ketosis. Normally, in the absence of carb, the body is forced to release enough ketones and convert stored fats instead of carbs into energy. This is how keto people lose weight naturally. Interesting, right?

How to benefit from a ketogenic diet plan

Confessing that you are doing keto is not enough. You must work hard to achieve results from it. Many people had started ketogenic with high hopes but got disappointed when they did not see tangible results. Some have also started and in few weeks got their bodies into the state of ketosis and started losing weight.

The difference in the results between both parties is not far from taking the right decision on what to eat, what to avoid and doing the right thing altogether. Here are few pieces of advice that keto people should take seriously.

Eat foods that contain little or no carb

Yes, there are foods that are extremely high in carbs. And the truth is many keto dieters do not know these things. To achieve tremendous results on this diet plan, find out foods that are low and high in carb. Once you are able to identify and differentiate between high and low carb diets, it will be easier to achieve your desired weight loss goals. 

Avoid foods that are high in sugar

High blood sugar can undermine your weight loss goals. It can make it more challenging for you to lose weight faster. Fruits like mango, pineapple, banana, pawpaw should be avoided once you start your keto diet plan. 

Avoid unhealthy fat and oil

Just because the keto diet is centered on a high-fat diet does not mean you can consume any kind of fat or oil you come across. Make an effort to consume healthy fat and oil to lose weight on the ketogenic diet.


True, ketogenic can be effective for shedding those extra fats. But exercise is also important if you want to achieve quicker results. Studies have shown that physical activities can place the body in the state of ketosis faster, so get physically active even if you are on the keto diet plan.

These are important things keto people need to know to achieve tremendous results on the keto diet. 

Why the Ketogenic meal replacement?

The keto diet rules are numerous, eat this; don’t eat that and all that. But the keto eater wants something, hence the reason for accepting this diet plan. It could be to lose weight or for other health reasons. But it is commonly because of weight loss. 

The ketogenic meal replacement bars or any other meal option is designed for the busy keto dieter to eat healthily and not skip their meal plan. They contain the right amount of nutrients individuals on the eating plan are expected to follow. In fact, they are formulated to help the keto eater to remain in nutritional ketosis. Below are some of the best meal replacements for keto dieter. 

Our Recommendation:
KETOLOGIC - The Perfect Meal Replacement For BUSY SCHEDULE

"Between work, school, and the gym, I don't always have time to cook up a big breakfast. In the morning I just throw one of the meal replacement shake packets in my bag and go. Plus they fill me up without killing my macros for the day! I drink the vanilla flavor which honesty taste just like a milkshake."

​​​​Other products worth mentioning

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Zenwise Health C8 MCT Oil & Prebiotic Powder

Only a handful of supplements can act the way this ketogenic meal replacement powder can. The Zenwise Health does not only promote weight loss but help to increase energy. It causes a quick but natural boost in energy levels and can help you achieve incredible mental clarity and focus. All these benefits are offered without causing your body to experience any form of jitters or sugar crashes.

Do not forget your digestive system plays an important role with respect to weight loss. So the prebiotic in this meal replacement powder is a plus. It can suppress your appetite and because it is flavorless, you can dissolve in any shake or smoothies of your choice.

Katologie Vanilla Keto Protein Shake

Every keto diet is after one goal which is to get their body into ketosis. And one of the best ketogenic meal replacement shakes developed to offer such benefits is the Katologie Vanilla. This meal replacement has no caffeine, carb, and sugar that can create a setback in your weight loss mission.

You can mix this product in nut milk, coffee or even water. It has a great taste which makes it conducive to take. In addition to delicious tastes, it helps to increase blood ketone levels and enhances mental clarity. It is highly effective and can help keep your body in ketosis.


We all lead fast-paced lives and have little time to remain consistent with a diet plan. The keto diet program is majorly about following a simple plan that consists of low or no carb and high amount of healthy fats. But most people are not able to keep up with this diet plan because of work, family and other important activities that need attention. The ketogenic meal replacement supplement is the ideal option for people in this category. It contains the right blend of nutrients that puts and keeps the body in ketosis.

So why not tip the odds in your favor?

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